Argentina releases ‘Las minas de Egipto’,
her second flamenco cante album, December 2009

A soleá gives an exotic title to the second solo album by young cantaora Argentina. ‘Las minas de Egipto’ is the new disc by the Huelva-born artist, who once again relies on Jerez-born guitarist José Quevedo as producer. Tangos, bulerías, alegrías, rumbas, fandangos, lullabies and malagueñas are some of the styles which the cantaora tackles on this record, accompanied by guitarists such as Eugenio Iglesias, Manuel Parrilla, Diego del Morao and José Luis Rodríguez, plus choruses, percussions, brass and wind instruments.

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Three years after her record début, Argentina presents her second solo album. The Huelva-born cantaora releases ‘Las Minas de Egipto’, a disc on which respect for tradition is combined for the search of freshness in the music. To do so, she has once again teamed up with Jerez-born guitarist José Quevedo ‘Bolita’, the album’s producer. Together, they have shaped up ten songs, most of which are new creations, but sprinkled with folk lyrics. The repertoire is highlighted by the tangos ‘Siento que la vida pasa’, the bulerías ‘Vendrán las flores nuevas’, the soleá entitling the disc, the alegrías ‘Si te dicen de Cai’, the rumba ‘Suspiros da el alma’, the fandangos ‘x Huelva’ and the song ‘Cada vez’. The calmest register is concentrated in ‘Nana del sueño’ and in ‘Malagueña y media granaína de don Antonio Chacón’.

The album includes collaborations by Cuban arranger José Mestre, guitarists José Quevedo, Eugenio Iglesias, Manuel Parrilla, Diego del Morao and José Luis Rodríguez, bass player José Manuel Posada, percussionists Paquito González and José Carrasco, clapper Bobote, bailaor Torombo and choristers such as Los Mellis and Anabel Rivera, among others. The musical lineup is completed with David Pastor, Julio Montalvo and Jorge Roque on brass instruments, Dayan Abad on Cuban tres, Jiorvis Pico on drums, Gladys Silot on violin and Miguel Rosell on cello. The disc has been recorded throughout the current year at different studios in Cádiz, Madrid and Huelva.

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