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La Farruca
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La Farruca premieres the flamenco
dancing show ‘De Farruca a Faraona’

The presentation is scheduled for January 26th, 2008 in Lebrija (Seville)

Flamenco-world.com, January 2008

After celebrating the female bailaora in ‘Gitanas’, La Farruca launches another show. The Sevillian bailaora premieres ‘De Farruca a Faraona’ on January 26th, 2008 at the Teatro Juan Bernabé in the Seville-area town of Lebrija. In this new work, the artist seals “a sisterhood of art” with her sister Pilar la Faraona. The music group includes cantaores El Tañé, El Rubio de Pruna and Mara Rey, with guitarists Antonio Rey and Paco Iglesias.

La Farruca
(Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Farruco’s daughters once again share their family’s art on stage. With directing and choreography by La Farruca, the show ‘De Farruca a Faraona’ stresses “the origin of a family of artists, with that native ease they always dance to and from, without lies or oddities”. And at the same time as towards the origins, they look at their present, bringing up on stage one of the clan’s youngest descendents; Antonio Moreno Fernández ‘El Polito’.

The three bailaores are accompanied on stage by a cante and toque group consisting of cantaores El Tañé, El Rubio de Pruna and Mara Rey, and guitarists Paco Iglesias and Antonio Rey. The latter, who has just released his first solo album, ‘A través de ti’, shares credit for the music together with Farruquito.


Pilar la Faraona
(Photo Daniel Muñoz)

The show’s repertoire kicks off with ‘Canasteras’, a face-off between the two starring bailaoras. Next, El Polito marks a martinete, which will be followed by the solos of La Farruca por alegrías and La Faraona por bulerías. The soleá is shared by the show’s director with her nephew, the next-to-the-last dish before the final fireworks por tangos by her sister. The show extends the array of shows by Farruquito’s family, which over the past few seasons has staged ‘Al natural’, ‘Gitanas’, ‘Farruquito y familia’ and ‘Alma vieja’, among others.




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